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Sunday Best – Season 4

Sunday Best – Season 4

Another season of Sunday Best and another string of blogs after each episode by yours truly – G.

Welcome back everyone!  Last night marked the first two episodes of the try-outs for “Sunday Best.”  We saw Kirk, Donnie, Tina and Erica go to Atlanta, Dallas and LA.  We got 10 singers from Atlanta and 5 from both Dallas and Los Angeles.  We also saw some…how do I say this…”not-so singers” as well.  Also, some great appearances from the ol’ Sunday Best alums and a candid moment from David Mann.

Now a quick write-up of each singer.  I’ll break it up by names but I know it’s hard since it was the first episode, to put a name to the faces just yet.  Also, they never posted the names so this is my best guess at it. HA!

Come back next week and every week for our Sunday Best Blog let’s support our shows that uplift the name of Jesus.



Roosevelt Griffin – 3rd time trying out and by far his best time.  This could be his season.

Tenisha Harris – Her voice has a sweet sound with a Gospel flower

Brian Bates – Got a voice and a heart

Sue Rosenberry – She just “works” and has a genuine display

Tamesha Sampson – A lil’ package with a big voice, started off strong but fell apart at the end

Carlington Roberts – Has a hint of Donnie when he sang “Stand”, but then again who didn’t sing that song?

Isiah Freeman – Unique style, different tone

Latrese Smith – She’s got flare, potential & humility

Micheal Pugh – Everyone was on the fence but he got through

Monica Smith – Got a second chance and touched Erica’s heart



Shenandala Reynolds – Very good and the judges saw something in her

Amber Bullock – 2 out of the 3 judges saw the potential of growth

Quienten Bathea – Sang with confidence & looked the part

Andrea Helmes – Beautiful tone

Felicia Russell – Voice has presence & emotion



Analisha Robins – Alaskan with a strong & powerful voice

Micheal Washington – Did good things but needs to be more confident

Ricky Valentino LaFontaine – Has the experience & got some kind of name

Chase Stansol – Great twist on Donnie’s song

Eric Junior – Has “something” special


Anybody got a favorite so far?  Me? I like Ricky Valentino LaFontaine and Analisha Robins

God Speed,



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